Dynamic Camera Movements
Using multiple platforms of camera rigs, one of our main specialties is understanding movement and how this keeps the audience engaged in the narrative. From extreme environments to the typical film set, we excel in creating dynamic camera movement and making it happen. Using Cranes, Steadicams, Drones and Camera gimbals, we will find the simplest solution to making that movement possible.
DJI Ronin operators
Our ronin M operators truly understand camera movement, by working closely with directors to realise their vision of movement and make the impossible possible. With support from DJI, our operators are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with this system. By using different types of human movement to fly the camera, the possibilities are endless – from roller blades to ice skates; from cars to climbing harnesses, we are constantly looking for new ways to redefine camera movement.

Apple Final Cut Pro X // Adobe Premire Pro // After Effects 

Our team are highly experienced non-linear editors with backgrounds using FCPX, PP and AE to produces the best possible visuals to suit every clients needs. 

We take advantage of multiple editing and grading platforms to ensure our workflow is fast and precise.